Fix Minecraft Launcher Installer Not Working

Fix Minecraft Launcher Installer Not Working

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game created originally by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Android, and more. Like other popular titles, this game also has several glitches and bugs such as the “RemoteConnect” error. The recent one is Minecraft Launcher Installer not working error due to which players are not able to load or start the game for a long time. Well, there are some workarounds you can try to fix Minecraft Launcher Installer not working issue.

How to Fix Minecraft Launcher Installer Not Working

The Minecraft Launcher helps to access the game easily but currently, it is not being opened due to some bugs. Because of this error, you may see different errors like: “Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account. Error code: 0x803F8001”. Or “Launching the game failed! Unable to copy file”. Here are some simple methods to fix the Minecraft launcher installer not working problem.

1. Sign out and check the region, date, and time

If you’re unable to install Minecraft Launcher, the first thing you should do is to reboot your computer and sign out, open up the Xbox apps or Microsoft Store. All the Minecraft versions are on the Game Pass, so attempt to install the MC launcher using the app. For signing out, simply click on the profile icon and sign out.

In addition, you can also check the time zone and date that are displaying correctly on the PC. If they’re not showing properly, right-click on the date and time and select Adjust date/time and turn on “Set time zone automatically” and “Set time automatically”. Under Synchronize your clock, press Sync now. Besides, make sure you’ve selected the correct region as well.

2. Update Windows and troubleshoot Windows Store

Open Settings and go to the Update and Security. Click on the Troubleshoot section and then click on Additional troubleshooter. Scroll down and select Windows Store Apps. Follow some simple processes and then reset the PC. Also, make sure you have already updated Windows. For this, open Settings and go to Update and Security, and then click on Check for update under Windows update.

3. Reset the Store

If the above solutions don’t work, it is recommended to reset the store. Click on the search bar and enter “wsreset”. Open it and do not do anything here. After some time, the box will be closed and the store window will be opened again.

Open the Setting and click on Apps. Find for the Microsoft Store and then click. Then select Advanced Options. Next Scroll down and select Reset. Here you’ll need to sign in again. Once done, close it and the issue should be resolved.

That’s everything you can do to fix the Minecraft launcher installer not working.

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