Fix Minecraft Internal Server Error – Failed to Connect to Server Issue

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Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game by Mojang Studios. This game offers players so much freedom and so some bugs and glitches are expected such as players not being able to upload worlds or connect to Realms. Recently, many players are facing “internal server error – Failed to connect to server”. There are several reasons for this issue to happen:

– A corrupted installation file

– If you are using any plugins or mode packs

– A mismatched Minecraft version

– Corrupted temporary files

Thankfully, there are certain workarounds you can try to get rid of this error. Check out the below section. We have covered all the possible solutions for you.

Fixing Minecraft Internal Server Error – Failed to Connect to Server Issue

If you are receiving this error due to server-related issues, you can’t do anything to fix it and so you will need to wait until the developers release a patch fixing this issue.

On the other hand, if the issue is not from the server, there are certain things you can try to fix that failed to connect to the server issue in Minecraft.

1. Update the Game

If the version of your Minecraft is outdated, you may receive a “Failed to connect to server” error message. So, it is very important to check if Minecraft is updated and if you are using the latest version. So, simply update the game and check if the issue is resolved or not.

After updating the game, if the issue persists, then try the next solution.

2. Delete UUID Folders in Minecraft 

Another solution to fix this issue is to delete UUID folders in Minecraft. UUID is a Universally Unique Identifier which is a 128-bit code that recognizes you as a user. If this is the root cause of this error, then you need to delete it from the server to fix the issue.

– Visit this website. Enter some details and get your UUID

– Once you get it, log into the server. From there, go to Server Files and go to the world which you want to play

– Next, select Players and then delete the username as well as UUID

– Once done, restart your PC and try to connect the game again

3. Check Your Mods

Although mods enhance the overall gaming experience, sometimes it creates some issues. So, if the above solutions don’t work, the next solution is to check your mods if you are using any.

Make sure the version is not mismatched with the current Minecraft you are using. If it is not matched, delete or disable the mode and check if that makes any difference.

If you are using many mods, try to disable them and enable only one at a time so you will get to know which one is causing the error.

4. Check Your Plugins

Like Mods, plugins also enhance the gaming experience but sometimes, it also prevents the game from running properly. So, try to disable them and then start enabling them one by one to know which is causing the error. If its version is outdated, make sure to update it to the latest version.

That’s all you can do to fix Minecraft internal server error – failed to connect to server issue.Also checkMinecraft freezing on Nintendo Switch after v1.18.30 update – Devs yet to acknowledge issue.

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