Fix Minecraft Boat Disappears Bug after 1.18 Update

Fix Minecraft Boat Disappears Bug After 1.18 Update

It has been noticed, with every new update, Minecraft brings several glitches and bugs. These errors include the RemoteConnect error and launcher installer not working. Minecraft has released a new update 1.18 but after this new update, many players are complaining their boat disappears with an animal in it and that happens due to a bug. If you are also having the same problem, this guide will surely help you to fix the Minecraft boat disappears bug after the 1.18 update. 

How to Fix Minecraft Boat Disappears Bug after 1.18 Update

According to multiple reports, players say the boat doesn’t disappear every time but they’ve lost several boats along with animals in it which is quite frustrating.

Thankfully, the developer of this game, Mojang Studios has already acknowledged this issue so hopefully, they will release a new patch with a hotfix.             


Until we have its solid fix by the developers, you can try following workarounds shared by the developers to fix the boat disappears bug after the 1.18 update in Minecraft.

1. Shoot any of the invisible boats with a suitably strong bow and it will be dropped. You only need to focus on the point where you exited the boat.

2. Also, you can move horizontally 70 blocks from the point and return or reload the world and the boat will appear again.

3. For those players, who are playing on worlds with commands and cheats enabled. Ensure you have only one boat within 20 blocks of distance.

That’s how you can fix Minecraft boat disappears bug after 1.18 update.

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