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Fix God of War Not Enough Memory Issue

Fix God of War Not Enough Memory Issue

God of War, one of the widely played action-adventure games, was first released on PS4 back in April 2018. Now, after 4 years, this game is finally available on PC. However, PC games over and over again face multiple errors and bugs for several reasons. As soon as this game is released on PC, many players are receiving “not enough memory” errors while playing the game. 

According to multiple reports, players are getting a black screen with a little box that reads: “God of War Out of memory – not enough available memory.” Many players have PC with high configurations such as 32GB of RAM and RTX 3080 with all the latest drivers, still, they are experiencing this annoying error. Here is how you can fix it.

How to Fix God of War Not Enough Memory Issue

If you are also getting God of War not enough memory issue, don’t worry! You are not alone as many players around the world are facing the same issue. However, its solution is very simple! You only need to disable the integrated GPU for the system and not enough memory errors will get fixed. If you don’t know how to do it, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Open up Device Manager

2. On a new window, expand the “Display Adapters”

3. Here you will see two options, one for Nvidia GPU or dedicated AMD and another one is the integrated GPU.

4. Right-click on the integrated GPU and then select disable

5. Once done, open the game God of War, and not enough memory issues will no longer bother you 

That’s all you can do to fix not enough memory issue in God of War.

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