Fix Fortnite Creative Not Working

Fix Fortnite Creative Not Working

Fortnite is a well-known free-to-play online multiplayer game developed by Epic Games. Up to 100 players can enjoy this battle royale game at a time. However, it seems the new year is quite difficult as Fortnite fans have been reporting several issues and bugs in the game including “servers go offline” and “failed to query for tournament rules” errors. In one of the recent issues, players are experiencing Fortnite creative is not working at all. Are you having the same issue? In the below guide, we present you with some of the best possible solutions.

How to Fix Fortnite Creative Not Working

Essentially, Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game by Epic Games which is one of the parts of Fortnite released in 2018. Fortnite is one of the massive games but due to some errors and bugs, developers are facing a lot of criticism from the fans. According to multiple reports from the players, Fortnite Creative is not working on their devices. Go through the following possible solutions to fix this issue.

Restart the game

One of the first and simplest solutions is to simply restart the game. Sometimes, the temporary files prevent the game from running properly on your device. These files are also called cache data stored in the system while playing the game. When you relaunch the game, these files get removed automatically. So, rerun the game and check if the error is fixed or not.

Check the current server status 

Sometimes, Fortnite Creative doesn’t work if the servers are down due to maintenance or outage. So, you should make sure the servers are running fine. You can check the status of the current server on DownDetector or check the official Epic Games Twitter page.

Check the internet connection

If your internet connection is poor or not stable, Fortnite Creative won’t work properly as it cannot connect to the main servers. So, it is very important to check if your internet is working fine and stable. Also, you can reboot your router/modem and then relaunch the game.

Disable or Enable VPN

Sometimes, using a reliable VPN connection may fix this type of issue. In case, you are already using a VPN, then try to disable it and then relaunch the game.

That’s everything you can do to fix Fortnite Creative not working issue.

Thankfully, the Fortnite team has already acknowledged this issue and they are working on a fix and so we will have its solution in near future. Meanwhile, you can try the above-mentioned solutions to fix Fortnite Creative not working issue.

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