Fix Fortnite Color Blind Mode Not Working on Consoles

Fix Fortnite Color Blind Mode Not Working on Consoles

For those players who have color blindness problems, Fortnite offers an incredible “Color Blind Mode”. Many competitive players are using this setting for their slightly different color palettes. Essentially, this mode adjusts the interface color so the players can view it properly and enjoy this game.

Though this mode is designed especially for those players who are impaired visually, many other players are also using this mode to set the color according to their liking.

However, in the last few hours, many players around the world are reporting, the colorblind mode is not working properly and when the players attempt to change the mode in Fortnite, they are unable to save the settings and so they see the same default color palette.

This issue is widespread and occurring on both PC and console versions that means all players have been experiencing this issue. 

Thankfully, Epic Games have already acknowledged this problem and confirmed it on their official Twitter handle. 

If you are a console user and not able to access Color Blind mode in Fortnite, then you can try the following possible workaround.

How to Fix Fortnite Color Blind Mode Not Working Consoles

The issue is resolved recently on the PC version and console users have to wait some more times to get its solution. Meanwhile, you can try the following workaround to fix the color blind mode not working in Fortnite.

If you are not able to access the color blind mode in Fortnite, then you can try the following workaround.

1. Go to in-game settings

2. Select your color blindness settings and apply it

3. Don’t close the game settings

4. And instead, exit from the game and log in again

5. Once done, try to play the game and the issue should be resolved

So far, this is the only solution to fix Fortnite Color Blind mode not working on consoles. Also check – How to fix Fortnite creative not working.

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