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Fix Epic Games Error PI-UBI-01

Fix Epic Games Error PI-UBI-01

Epic Games is one of the popular American video games and software developers based in North Carolina, USA. Like other big gaming developers, Epic Games also has a lot of bugs and glitches that bother many players frequently. One of the issues players are facing often is “Error PI-UBI-01 your game activation was not successful”. This error message means, there is a beta or trial on your account that no longer be played. Fortunately, there are some workarounds you can try to fix error PI-UBI-01 in Epic Games.

How to Fix Epic Games Error PI-UBI-01

If you are suffering from this error when launching the game, first of all, make sure you’re not playing a beta or trial game that is no longer available. However, if you are playing the full version of the game and still getting the same issue, go through the following steps to fix the error PI-UBI-01 in Epic Games.

1. Try to change the language on Ubisoft Play

Some players have suggested, first make sure, you are using the same language that is applicable for the chosen country in the Ubisoft Play client and Epic Games store. For instance, if you are from China and you have purchased the game through Epic Games selected in the UK region, then ensure to change the language to the same country on both of the accounts.  

2. Restart the PC

Sometimes, the issues like Epic Games error PI-UBI-01 “Your game activation was not successful” get resolved simply by rebooting the PC so just restart your PC, relaunch your game, and the issue should resolve.

3. Don’t use VPN service

If you are using a VPN server on your computer, you may get the errorPI-UBI-01 on Epic Games. So, it is advisable to use only your native network to play the games.

4. Repair game files

Almost all online games come with several glitches and bugs that can cause connectivity and crashing issues in many cases. If the game has any missing or corrupted game files, you may face Epic Games error PI-UBI-01. In that case, you’ll need to repair game files. Here are some simple steps to repair game files.

– Open up the Ubisoft Connect desktop client on your computer

– Go to the Games >> click on the game that has a problem and then select “Properties” 

– Tap on the Verify Files option and click on “Repair”

– Wait for some time until the process completes

– Once done, restart your computer to apply changes and then launch your game again

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Epic Games Error PI-UBI-01.

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