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Fix Elden Ring Could Not Verify PlayStation Plus Subscription Error

Elden Ring Creators Apologize After Countless Issues and Bugs Reported By Players

Recently developers have released a new update 1.03.2 in Elden Ring but it has brought several issues such as multiplayer not working, Blaidd and Ranni missing or not showing the issue, and several others. Recently, many PlayStation players are not able to access the game. PS users are receiving a “could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription” error and after this error message, they can’t log in to the game. If you are running into the same error message, here is how you can fix it easily.

Fixing Elden Ring Could Not Verify PlayStation Plus Subscription Error

After receiving the “could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription” error message, players see spin circles on their screen as they attempt to log in to the game. However, this error message is not exclusive to Elden Ring, it occurs in other PS Plus accessed titles as well.

Thankfully, PlayStation technical team released a statement officially and said, they are already aware of this issue and they are investigating.

Well, if you are eager to play this game on your PlayStation console, here we have mentioned two temporary workarounds that might help you to get into the game.

1. If your PS is not set for an auto-update, then do not download its latest patch and you will be able to login to the game without the error message.

2. On the other hand, if you have already downloaded the new patch, and if you are not able to access the game, still there is a tactic that you can use. You can try the classic resetting workaround. Here is how you can do it.

– Restart the Elden Ring game after quitting the PS home page and reloading

– Restart your PS console

– And lastly, restart your internet router/modem

If nothing works, don’t worry and wait for some days until the developers release a new patch.

That’s all we have to fix Elden Ring ‘could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription’ error message.

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