Call of Duty: Vanguard

Fix “DUHOK RILEA” Error in CoD Vanguard

Fix “DUHOK RILEA” Error in CoD Vanguard

CoD: Vanguard brings a lot of new content and fun after its release on 5th November. But, now players are experiencing a “DUHOK RILEA” Error.This is the common error code in CoD Vanguard and it indicates server-related problems or linking issues with the Activision account. Because of this error, players are not able to play the game flawlessly. Luckily, there are certain possible workarounds that we are going to discuss in this guide.

How to Fix “DUHOK RILEA” Error in CoD Vanguard

Apart from the server-related issues or linking issues with the Activision account, the unstable internet connection or some network glitches at your end can also create a “DUHOK RILEA” error in CoD Vanguard. Here we have mentioned all the possible solutions to fix this troubling error.

1. Check the current server status of CoD Vanguard

The very first thing you need to do is to check the current server status of CoD Vanguard. If it is down due to outage or maintenance, you may get a “DUHOK RILEA” error. If the servers are down, the issue will be resolved automatically once the service resumes. So, the best is to first check their current server status before trying the following fixes.   

2. Link your PC or Console to an Activision account

If there is any missing link between your console or Pc and your Activision account, you may get this error message. So, make sure you have linked your PC or console to an Activision account.

3. Check your internet connection

In case, your internet connection is not stable, you may receive a “DUHOK RILEA” error in CoD Vanguard. For this you can: reboot your router or modem or you can also try to use a wired internet connection if you are using WiFi.

4. Power cycle your console or PC

If the above solutions don’t work, the next solution is to power cycle your device. Power cycling your console or PC is one of the best troubleshooting steps you should not miss as it can solve many types of issues as well. 

5. Change your MTU settings

This setting plays a crucial role in the game experience. By default, your PC or console should choose the best MTU settings for your game but in case you have changed something before, it may be the reason for the DUHOK RILEA” error in CoD Vanguard. Since the settings vary, you can search on the internet how to change your MTU settings according to your gaming platform.

6. Delete and reinstall the game

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, the last resort is to delete and reinstall the game completely. If the game has any missing or corrupted files, by reinstalling the game, it will be fixed and eventually, you won’t get the “DUHOK RILEA” error in CoD Vanguard.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix the “DUHOK RILEA” error in CoD Vanguard.

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