Fix Auto Shop Not Working in GTA 5 – 2021

Fix Auto Shop Not Working in GTA 5 - 2021

Auto Shop is one of the purchasable properties in GTA 5 and was added recently to the list of business properties. It was recently added after the new DLC was released on 21st July. The players can buy it once they complete a new background story. Auto Shop has two different official sections – The first is Vehicle Servicing which is located on the ground floor and the second is on the top floor. All in all, an Auto Shop is a great business opportunity and a worthy addition to this game. However, after the new updates, some players are experiencing that the Auto Shop is not working because of some technical issues. If you’re having the same issue, let us find can we fix Auto Shop Not Working in GTA 5 – 2021.

How to fix Auto Shop Not Working in GTA 5 – 2021

Following is the best solution to get rid of Auto Shop not working in GTA 5 – 2021.

1. Start the GTA 5 game

2. Once opened, go to the Auto Shop

3. Enter your vehicle and close it

4. Go to the Pause Menu

5. Next, go to Online > Jobs > Play Jobs > Rockstar Created. And then select any of the unpopular jobs from this list

6. Once job loads, ensure to exit the job as early as possible

7. Then, you will be teleported back on the Auto Shop’s roof or nearby somewhere

8. Go back to your Auto Shop and search for any of the vehicles you want to transform

9. And that’s it, you can easily modify the vehicle now

Many players have tried this solution and it worked. You can also try and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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