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Fix Apex Legends Problem Processing Game Logic Error

Temporary Fix Apex Legends DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG Message

Apex Legends is probably one of the best free-to-play battle royale games. But like all massively popular multiplayer games, Apex Legends also suffers from bugs, issues, and error codes such as that include 291 or 561 you are not licensed to play. However, recently many players are frustrated as they are receiving “Problem processing game logic” error in Apex Legends. They receive this error message, particularly when trying to log into the game. Are you running into the same error? Worry not, here we have given all possible solutions to fix Apex Legends’ “Problem processing game logic” error.

Fixing Apex Legends Problem Processing Game Logic Error

Players are running into an error that reads – “There is a problem processing game logic. Please try again.”. Because of this error, players are not able to join a lobby. Here we have covered all the different possible workarounds that can fix Apex Legends’ “Problem processing game logic” error.

Restart the Game or Your Console

One of the first and easiest solutions you can try is to close the game application completely and then relaunch it. Also, you can try to restart your console and then launch the game. The issue should be resolved after relaunching of the game.

Update the Game

If you are not playing the updated game, you may face different issues with the game. So, make sure you have updated the game with the latest patch installed.

If you have no idea how to check and updated the game, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Open up Steam

2. Visit your Library

3. Select Apex Legends

4. Click on the Update button if you get the one

5. Wait for some time until the process finished

6. Once done, launch the game again and you won’t see any error while playing Apex Legends

Try to Use Another Apex Legends Account

Some players have tried to use a different login account and then switched back to their main account and fixed the error message “Problem processing game logic” error. If you have any other spare account, you can use it or you can also create another one to switch.

Delete Apex Legends Data

If the above solutions don’t work, then your last resort is to delete your Apex Legends data on your gaming platform. Here is the method to delete Apex Legends data on your PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The process to Delete Apex Legends Data on PlayStation Console

– Go to Settings

– Go to Application Saved Data Management

– Open System Storage

– Select Apex Legends

– Select all saved files and select “Delete”

The process to Delete Apex Legends Data on Xbox Console

– Go to Home and select My games and apps

– Select Apex Legends and press the “Menu” button

– Next, select “Manage game and add-ons”

– Scroll down and select Saved Data

– Select Delete and confirm deletion

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Apex Legends problem processing game logic error.

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