FIFA 22: Supercharge Pack Not Available Even After Paid Subscription of EA Play – Issue Acknowledged

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FIFA 22 is a massively popular next-generation virtual football game developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Every year, EA brings new versions including new game modes, new gameplay mechanics, updated teams, and much more. But, every year it also brings new issues and bugs like FIFA 22 crashing in career mode or players not able to play single-player draft matches, and more.

Lately, EA assured players to give a special item pack named “Supercharge Pack” to those players who subscribe to their paid EA Play service. And so, many players purchased an EA Play subscription but unfortunately, they did not receive their Supercharge Pack.

According to various reports, the Supercharge Pack is not available for many FIFA 22 players even after they paid for an EA Play subscription.

This issue is not limited to any particular gaming platform but it seems it is affecting all gaming consoles and platforms where EA FIFA 22 is available to play.

Thankfully, the EA team is already aware of this bug and acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page.

As you can see in the above link, they are investigating the matter. However, the ETA is not given when this issue will be fixed.

Meanwhile, there is a temporary solution you can try to fix FIFA 22 Supercharge Pack not receiving issues in EA Play. Some users have suggested that they solved the problem by contacting the EA support team directly. So, you can also give it a try!

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