F1 22 EA Play 10 Hour Trial Is Not Accessible for Some Players – Issue Acknowledged By EA Help

F1 22

F1 22, the latest installment of the Formula One racer game is finally released in the form of early access for Xbox Series X|S. And the best part is that EA Play members can now access its free trial for 10-hour.

Recently from June 29, EA Play members as well as those players who receive an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk can get the F1 22 10-hour trial pack.

But unfortunately, many players are having issues with this extended demo. According to multiple reports, many EA Play subscribers are not able to access the 10-hour trial in F1 22.

Players are reporting that the “EA Play 10 Hour Trial” is missing or locked in F1 22 for no reason. Some other players are saying they are able to download the Play 10-hour trial in F1 22 but they encounter a “Can’t use this content. To use this content, purchase it” when they attempt to access it. Alternatively, some players are not even able to download it which is quite frustrating.

Thankfully, the EA Help team has acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page. 

As you can see, they said, they are working on it and fixing it as early as possible. Meanwhile, there is a workaround you can try to fix this issue.

One of the users on Reddit has suggested verifying the integrity of the game files in EA Play and the issue will be resolved.

That’s all for an update on F1 22 EA Play 10-hour trial is not accessible for some players.

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