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Destiny 2: The With Queen Wellspring Deepsight Weapons Drop Rate Issues Acknowledge by Devs

Destiny 2 The With Queen Wellspring Deepsight Weapons Drop Rate Issues Acknowledge by Devs

The Witch Queen is the latest expansion of the popular Destiny 2 FPS campaign. However, this new expansion brings a lot of bugs and errors since day one such as crashing the game or several error codes like CAT, CHICKEN, One Moment Please, HONEYDEW, and more.  

Now, players are complaining that the drop rate of Wellspring Deepsight weapons is very low. Many players say, they notice the drop is almost zero. 

Because of this issue, players are annoyed and wondering why does that happens? Players have invested time and played for multiple hours but still, Wellspring Deepsight weapons are not dropping as expected. Even some pro players are complaining, they hardly see the drops. 

After seeing a lot of complaints, Bungie has finally released an official statement saying the team is aware of these error reports where players are running several hours of the game and still get minimal Deepsight drops.

So hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and players will have the increased dropping rate of Wellspring Deepsight weapons. 

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