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Destiny 2 Special Weapon Indicator Light Missing – Devs Acknowledge & Potential Workaround

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Developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 is the popular action MMO released back in 2017 but still, many players love its single evolving world and play it with their friends. Bungie always releases new content to this game to keep the gameplay fresh.

But currently, many players are experiencing several issues and bugs. In the recent one, many players are reporting that the Special weapon indicator light is disappeared or missing.

In Destiny 2, the developers have introduced a different colored light for all special weapons which helps to identify them quickly during matches. But, many players are complaining, that the special weapon indicator light is missing.  

According to multiple reports, this issue is not new. It is troubling many players for the last month. Besides, the same issue occurs on all gaming platforms including PC and consoles.

Thankfully, the Bungie team has recently officially acknowledged this issue but ETA is not given.

Meanwhile, you can try the following workaround to resolve this glitch.

Note: Although the following temporary workaround is for the Xbox console, you can try the same on any gaming platform that lets you clear the system cache.

A Potential Workaround: Go to Settings on your Xbox Series X and clear out the system cache. For this, go to Settings >> Devices >> Blue Ray >> Clear persistent storage.

The developer is already investigating the issue and will release its solution soon. Meanwhile, you can try the above-mentioned tactic to solve the issue.

That’s everything you need to know about a potential workaround on Destiny 2 Special weapon indicator light is a missing issue.

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