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Destiny 2: Reclaiming Europa Sabotaging Salvation Mission Bug – Bungie Verifies the Issue

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Destiny 2 is the popular free-to-play online multiplayer game released in 2017 by Bungie. Since the game was released, thousands of fans are enjoying its gameplay on a daily basis. Players love this game a lot because it offers the perfect combination of RPG and shooting elements. Also, players are praising some incredible PvP actions.

However, this game brings several issues and bugs from day one such as CAT error code or long load times and stuttering issues.

Now many players are complaining, Reclaiming Europa Sabotaging Salvation missions has some issues as players are not able to destroy it or open its door.

Many other players are reporting, they are kicked off from the servers and so they can’t progress in the game further which is quite frustrating and time taking.

Some players first thought it happens due to connection-related issues and so they tried several workarounds to fix this problem but nothing works and again they were kicked off from the servers. Common solutions like restarting the game and verifying game files also don’t help at all.

Thankfully, Bungie has come out and mentioned officially that they will start to investigate the issue. Site link:

So, hopefully, we will have its hotfix very soon.

Meanwhile, you can check our website for regular updates and troubleshooting guides on several new online games. Also check – How to fix Destiny 2: The Witch Queen crashing on PC.

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