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Destiny 2 – Players Receive Sunset Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle on Latest Nightfall Event – Issue Acknowledged

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Destiny 2 is one of the widely played action MMP games developed by Bungie Inc. But like other massive online games, Destiny 2 also has several bugs and issues such as missing licenses, delayed silver purchases, and incorrect silver amounts.

To keep the content of the game fresh, Bungie always releases new events and the latest event is Nightfall. But unfortunately, it seems this new event is glitched.

According to several reports, many Destiny 2 players are now getting an older version of Sunset Horror’s Least pulse rifle instead of the Nightfall event version.

Well, if you are wondering what are the differences between these two “Sunset Horror’s Least Pulse” and the “Nightfall” version, the latest version has new skin and so it is aesthetically different from the older Sunset Horror’s Least Pulse version.

Another most important difference is the damage that rifles can impose. “Sunset Horror’s Least Pulse” is able to cap just 1350 maximum power and players won’t be able to upgrade it.

Thankfully, the Bungie team has already acknowledged this issue officially on their official Twitter page.

As you can see, they said they are investigating the issue and they will provide more details soon.

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