Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Players Freeze, Disconnect From Host, and Get a Matchmaking Ban Penalty

Dead by Daylight Sync Error Code 111

Dead by Daylight is the popular multiplayer action and horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. Overall, this game has received pretty good reviews but there are some players complaining about different issues and bugs such as error 8001 on Xbox, sync error code 111, and many other issues. 

Adding to these issues, in the last few weeks, players have been complaining about several bugs and issues with the game such as Sadako well charmed bugged and users facing sync error code 111.

Recently, players are getting banned or they are penalized because of some automatic disconnection issue. Because of this issue, players are frustrated since they are not able to play the game whereas, it’s not their fault. 

Many players are also saying, the issue occurs especially after the recent update. Players have already tried several generic workarounds that include restarting the game, verifying game files on Steam, and reinstalling the game but the issue still persists.

Regrettably, Behaviour Interactive is not aware of this issue since they have not yet commented on this current issue. But since the issue is widespread, they will surely acknowledge the issue very soon, and also, they would release a patch as early as possible so that the players enjoy the game without any issues.

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