CoD Warzone Solo Contracts and Loots Missing after Season 3 Update – Disabled by Developers

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CoD Warzone is an incredibly addictive free-to-play shooter game. It is an utterly self-contained and highly polished battle royal video game released in March 2020.

The game has released a new Season 3 update but many players are not happy as it has brought several new issues and bugs such as dev error 5573 on PS4 and PC. 

The new update has added several new Solo Contracts but many players are complaining that Solo battle-royale mode is glitched as they are not able to find contracts or loots in the Solo mode.

If you have no idea about these contracts, Warzone contracts are one of the essential parts of the game that helps to distance CoD Warzone from other battle royale games. These are the in-game challenges that you can take up on the fly and earn some great loots as well as cash for your team.

But unfortunately, after the CoD: Warzone Season 3 update, these Solo Contracts are missing including loots for many players. 

After noticing this issue, Twitter and Reddit forums are flooded with complaints. Raven Software quickly came out and released a statement officially on Twitter and said – “We have temporarily disabled Contracts in Battle Royale Solos while we investigate an issue”.

As you can see in the above link, they have disabled it temporarily. Hopefully, they will fix it as early as possible.

So, if you are currently having an issue where you can’t see or access Contracts and loots after Season 3 update in CoD Warzone, then it is not due to a glitch but developers have disabled it as they are investigating the issue.

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