CoD: Warzone Players Complaining Unnecessary CR-56 AMAX Rifle Nerf

Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the popular free-to-play battle royale games that unfolds a new chapter with top-notch graphics, good detailing, and responsive characters.

CoD Warzone offers a lot of powerful weapons and so it is always difficult to choose the best one to dominate the matches. One of the powerful and most favorite weapons is the CR-56 AMAX rifle. This is a compact and fully automatic assault rifle designed for mid-range gunfights.

But unfortunately, Raven Software has decided to nerf this weapon. But, many players are not happy with this decision and say it is an unnecessary nerf.

According to multiple reports, CoD Warzone players are reporting the nerf decision is very harsh and the worst update in a long time.

– Maximum damage decreased from 35 to 31

– Minimum damage decreased from 31 to 24

This decision affects especially those players who were using the AMAX as their weapon of choice. Some players have spent their real money on bundles and skins for this rifle.

Some players are doubting that the developers are nerfing non-COD weapons intentionally to boost up their sale of packs and bundles. However, still, we don’t have any official statement from the devs about various complaints on the issue. But, they would release a statement as well as fix the issue as many players are writing on this issue on Twitter and Reddit.

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