CoD Warzone: MechaGodzilla Bundle Unavailable in Store – Issue Yet to Acknowledge

Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone, a popular free-to-play battle royal has recently received a new crossover event called Operation Monarch. It has added Kong, Godzilla, and MechaGodzilla bundles and skins to the game store and so Vanguard and Warzone players can buy them from the store. But there is an issue with this latest bundle.

Even after several rounds of patches and updates, still, a lot of issues and bugs are troubling many players. Issues like packet loss error and loots missing after the season 3 update are not yet solved and now many players are complaining about a new issue.

According to multiple reports, players are not able to buy the MechaGodzilla bundle. If you have no idea about MechaGodzilla, it is a new skin as a part of Warzone Season 3. But due to some issues, the MechaGodzilla bundle is not available in store.

Unfortunately, the developers have yet not commented anything on this issue. Players are saying, those who were able to purchase in addition to the streamer encountered a bug that allowed them to purchase MechaGodzilla before release.

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