CoD Vanguard Nikita AVT and M1916 Weapons are Too Tough to Unlock – Issue Acknowledged


It’s single player campaign offers heavily and stunning prescribed gameplay. On the other hand, its multiplayer mode is completely focused on second-to-second gameplay. Players enjoy its reactive environments, new gunplay mechanics, and greater weapon customization. Call of Duty Vanguard certainly offers a wide range of weapons from pistols to snipers.

But recently, many players are complaining about several bugs and issues with the game such as Zombies Survivalist camo not tracking or snapshot error.

Recently, many players are reporting issues with Nikita AVT which is a powerful assault rifle effective for short to mid-range and M1916 which is a semi-automatic rifle with a massive stopping power.

Players are saying, it is very tough or hard to unlock these newly added weapons. Players are complaining, it is pretty tough to get at least 100 Bloodthirsty’s and so they can’t unlock the weapon.

Fortunately, Sledgehammer Games has acknowledged this issue and marked it as “Investigating” on their official Trello board.


Since, they have confirmed the problem, they will find out the solution where Nikita AVT and M1961 challenges are too hard to complete.

But, they have not given any ETA on it when they will release a patch but surely, they will change its requirements to unlock the new weapons.

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