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CoD: Vanguard Mastery Card Not Unlocking After Seasonal Challenges: Developer Acknowledges

CoD Vanguard Mastery Card Not Unlocking After Seasonal Challenges Developer Acknowledges

This year, Sledgehammer, the developer of CoD: Vanguard has introduced a brand-new progression system while making current challenges more worthwhile. Players can now unlock several Career Challenges at level 1. Once they complete all of the 6 challenges in each category, they will be able to earn an animated Mastery Calling card along with a greater XP payout. However, many players are complaining, they can’t unlock the Mastery Card even after they have completed all Seasonal Challenges.

That’s not enough, according to many other reports, players have already completed all of the 20 challenges, but still, the game shows they have only completed 19 challenges. It is really annoying as players are not able to collect their Mastery Card.

It is important to note, some Warzone features an additional challenges tier such as finishing AR kills and finishing moves. Many players have already tried to reinstall the game’s copy to check if the issue occurs or not – But that’s doesn’t help either.

Fortunately, the developers have recently acknowledged this issue related to Mastery Card not unlocking even after completing seasonal challenges on the Trello board. But, the devs have not given ETA stating when the issue will be resolved. So, players have to wait for some more days as holidays are going on.

Since the developer team is already investing in this issue, we will have its solution very soon.

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