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CoD: Black Ops Cold War UI Error 17109, 43399, 92805, 85118, 26465, or 85870 – Issue Yet to Acknowledge

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Undoubtedly, Call of Duty: Black Oops Cold War offers the magnetic, exciting, and thrilling gameplay of the series. But players have been complaining about several issues and bugs with the game every now and then such as weapons not unlocking, compiling shaders bugs, and many others. 

Adding to these issues, a bunch of players is now complaining, that they are receiving UI error code in CoD Black Ops Cold War followed by different error codes such as 17109, 43399, 92805, 85118, 26465, or 85870.

It seems, this issue has been started a few hours ago and most of the CoD Cold War players are running into the same errors.

According to multiple reports, UI errors occur especially when scrolling or opening the list of players’ friends. Players say, the game was running smoothly without any issue but since they open friends list or started scrolling, any of the above-mentioned error codes appear which is quite frustrating.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged this issue. Well, since this issue is widespread, they will surely say something officially and also release a patch fixing this annoying issue in the near future.

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