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Can you Play New World in Windows 7

Can you Play New World in Windows 7

New World came out a few minutes ago and the Steam community is buzzing with the game currently topping the charts. Also, the new Windows OS is in the horizon. But, there are still missions of people that still use Windows 7 for various reasons. So, as a user of Windows 7, you must be wondering if you can get on the New World wagon. Stick with the post and we will answer if you can play New World on Windows 7.

New World System Requirements Doesn’t Include Win 7

If you go over the New World system requirements, it’s clear the game does not support Windows 7, but as we all know, there are several games that don’t support the OS, but that does not mean we cannot play the game. So, is New World one of those games that does not list Windows 7 in the system requirements, but you can still play it?

While we haven’t played the game in Beta on Windows 7, we did try it during the Alpha and had no issues. Even then, the system requirements did not list the OS. We imagine users should still be able to play the game on Windows 7.

There are a large number of people who still use Windows 7 and Amazon wouldn’t want to lose a large potential customer base. At the time of writing this post, players on Windows 7 will be able to play the game without any issue. Although, we cannot say for the future.

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