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Can You Fix GTA Online Industrial Plant Bug?

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Grand Theft Auto Online or known as GTA Online is a popular multiplayer action-adventure game by Rockstar North that is brighter and more detailed than ever. 

In this game, Industrial Plant is the first Survival job which is situated at the Stoner Cement Works in Harmony. Survival Mode is a superb way to make more money and RP. Players earn RP for their kills along with $20,000 once it is completed. And if you do not, then still you can earn $18,000 if you remain in the game till the 10th round. But unfortunately, players are running into a GTA Online Industrial Plant glitch and so they are unable to finish the job.

If you are facing the same issue and wondering, can you fix GTA online Industrial Plant bug, let’s find out in this guide.

Is there any way to fix the GTA Online Industrial Plant bug?

The exact issue is when the players attempt to visit the Industrial Plant in GTA Online for the survival job, then they face a long mission loading screen and after that, the survival job doesn’t start at all. 

Many players have already tried several generic workarounds to get rid of this issue, but they failed. Until now, this bug has been affecting Xbox One and PC players. According to multiple reports, this issue started right after the new update. 

If you are wondering if there is anything you can do to fix this issue, well, the answer is NO! The only thing you can do is to access this mission in “Solo Mission”. It is one of the simple methods to enjoy this game until we have the hotfix from the developers as soon as they are already working on it.

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