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Battlefield 2042 Not Set Prompt Appears After v1.00 Update – Issue Acknowledged

Battlefield 2042

Developed by DICE and published by EA, Battlefield 2042 is the popular first-person shooter game released on October 8, 2021, but still hundreds and thousands of players enjoy this game on a daily basis. However, like other popular games, this Battlefield 2042 also has several bugs, errors, and issues such as coins not working issue or micro stuttering or lagging after the v4.1 update.

Adding to these issues, many players are now running into a “Not set” prompt which keeps appearing while playing the game. Because of this prompt, players are not able to start a match or change their in-game settings. According to multiple reports, players are getting the “Not set” prompt, especially after the v1.00 update in Battlefield 2042.

The worst part is that it is appearing next to every selectable option and so players can’t change settings according to their likings. In addition, this bug is not only affecting any particular gaming platform but it occurs on all platforms the game is currently available on.

Thankfully, on June 10, the support team of Battlefield 2042 acknowledged the “Not set” prompt issue officially on their page and said, they will release a patch in the future update.

As you can see, they have also provided a temporary workaround to mitigate this issue. They have suggested not using alternate button mappings.

In addition, the EA Support team has also acknowledged this issue and said, they are already working on it. However, they have not revealed an ETA of when the issue will get resolved.

That’s all we have an update on the Not set prompt is appearing after the v1.00 update in Battlefield 2042.

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