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Apex Legends Players are Experiencing Crashing and Not Loading Issues

Apex Legends Players are Experiencing Crashing and Not Loading Issues after the Genesis Update

After the Genesis collection update in the Apex Legends Season 9, players can now enjoy several new events, many balancing changes, and returning maps.

However, along with all these changes, players are also experiencing several bugs. Recently, many players around the world are complaining that the game is crashing and not loading properly.

But, these are not the only complaints. Several other technical glitches are occurring that include server connection failures, screen freezing on the main menu, lagging, problems with picking loot, and several other bugs. Because of all of these errors, players are not able to play the game by any means.

Moreover, these bugs are not limited to a computer system, but the same errors occur on every gaming platform such as PlayStation and Xbox. 

So far, players went out of their way and tried every possible solution to fix such issues but they failed. They tried restarting the game, force-stopping, changing servers, and even they have tried reinstalling the entire game but nothing happened.

Gratefully, the developer of this game, Respawn Entertainment, has issued an official statement regarding these issues. They stated: “The @playapex team is investigating an issue that’s preventing matchmaking for highly ranked (Master+) players. We have identified the problem and are working on the solution now. Will update in this thread when we’ve resolved the issue!”.

So, it seems that the developer is already aware of this issue and working on the same. Hopefully, all of these errors will be fixed in the next update.

Also, Respawn has confirmed that they have temporarily disabled the Frag Out banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart to squash the bug associated with them.

That means, there is no solution to get these errors fixed. The only best thing players can do is to wait for some days for the new update.

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