Yahoo Mail App Crashing on iPhone & iPad

Yahoo Mail App Crashing on iPhone & iPad

A new Yahoo Mail update for iPhone and iPad was made available in the App Store. Soon after the patch went live and users started to download it, there has been massive reports from users that the Yahoo Mail App is crashing, not launching, or simply unresponsive on their device. While the issue mostly affects users on iPhone, some users of the iPad have also reported issues. Stick with the post and we will show possible ways to resolve the Yahoo Mail App Crashing on iPhone & iPad after the latest update.

Yahoo Mail App Crashing and Not Starting on iPhone & iPad

The worst thing about the issue is not matter what you try, the problem still surfaces. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application does not seem to help. The good news is that the Yahoo Customer Care is aware of the problem and hopefully release an update soon. Here is what the support said, “Some users may be experiencing issues with the yahoo Mail app. We are investigating and will update as needed.”

So, a patch should become available in the next few days that addresses the problem. To fix the issue, keep a watch at the App Store for any new update to the app.  

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