Xbox Series X|S Warzone Players Getting Kicked to Xbox Dashboard – Warzone Hard Crashing

Next Gen Xbox Series XS Warzone Players Getting Kicked to Xbox Dashboard - Warzone Hard Crashing

Ever since the Xbox next-gen consoles came out, Warzone has been failing to run smoothly on the new devices. One of the most common issues with Warzone is it crashes and takes the user back to the Xbox Dashboard. While the issue has also been occurring with other games, which might suggest a problem with Xbox Series X|S itself, but nothing like Warzone. With every new update in Warzone, there is a large community that’s affected for all platforms, but the same issue with the Xbox Series X|S keeps persisting.

The May update to Warzone introduced the Memory Error 0-1766 or Memory Error 19-1788 to Xbox X|S / Xbox One, which is still listed as a problem under investigation on the Activation website. There are some solutions users have tried that is known to fix the memory error such as clearing Mac Address, turning HDR off, and playing on a 1080p resolution.

While the memory error in Xbox consoles have gradually reduced, the Xbox Series X|S Warzone players getting kicked to Xbox Dashboard has been reintroduced with the latest update few weeks back.

The problem has impacted both Battle Royale and Plunder. The usual solutions like resetting the console or even reinstalling the game does not seem to help the situation. However, some solutions that work for the memory error also work to fix Warzone crashing to dashboard on Xbox Series X|S such as:

  1. Setting the resolution to either 1440p or 1080p
  2. Disable HDR10 from Xbox Series X|S Video Modes

At the time of writing, there seem to be the best solutions that several users have confirmed worked for them. The good news from all of this is Activation is aware of the issue and has marked it on their Trello board as an issue under investigation. While there are a number of issues on the board that have not been resolved yet. We take respite in the fact that it’s at least acknowledged unlike a plethora of issues with the PC port.

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