Xbox Series X Controller Input Lagging: Learn How to Test Xbox Controller Latency and Fix Latency Issues

No Hardware Update Planned for Xbox Series XS

The Xbox Series X is undoubtedly a powerhouse console that offers stunning visuals and powerful performance. However, there are several issues and error codes with the Xbox Series X such as 0x87E107DF & 0x803F9006. In addition to these issues, many Xbox Series X users are now complaining that their controller is going through input lagging and latency issues. This issue is quite frustrating especially when you are playing a competitive game where every second matters. Well, if you want to test if your console has latency issues, here we will learn how to test latency on Xbox and we will also check how to fix it.

Testing Latency on Xbox

If you have doubts that your Xbox has some latency issues, then you should run a speed test on your Xbox console. Here is what you need to do:

1. Press the Xbox button and open up the guide

2. Next, go to Profile & system >> Settings >> General >> Network settings

3. Select Test network speed and statistics

The reports should show less than 150 milliseconds latency or ping. If it is showing more than 150, then it must have an issue and so you need to fix it as early as possible.

Fixing Xbox Series X Controller Input Latency

After testing, once it is sure that there are some issues in the controller input latency on your Xbox Series X, here is how you can fix it. Go through the below some simple steps:

1. First of all, try to refresh your network connection. It is quite easy and quick, so do it first and check if the issue is resolved or not. For this, go to “Xbox Network Settings” and then select “Go Offline”. The disconnect is for two to three minutes and then reconnects.

2. Another solution to fix the latency issue is to make sure your Xbox is not overloaded with some unnecessary apps like a computer. So, close down those unnecessary apps if you are not using them. For this, simply go to your Home Screen, select the apps you want to close, press Menu and then press Quit.

Check Your WiFi Connection

It is also important to check your WiFi connection and make sure it is stable and working fine. For this, you can restart your internet modem or router. Also, check if a lot of devices are not connected to the same WiFi at once. If possible, reduce the number of connections that eventually load on the bandwidth. 

If nothing works, try to use a wired connection instead of wireless and check if the issue is fixed or not.

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