World War 3 Adding and Downloading Issues on Steam – Devs Acknowledged

World War 3

World War 3 is the latest free-to-play FPS game by The Farm 51. This game is certainly popular amongst millions of gaming enthusiasts around the world. 

But unfortunately, some WW3 gamers are complaining that they are not able to download or add World War 3 on Steam. According to multiple reports, when players click on the download button on Steam, nothing happens and when they attempt to add to my library, it shows some error. 

On the other hand, some players report that the downloading process took about 12 hours but they only got 18 GB of game data only from 65 GB. And so, they are very much frustrated as they have wasted electricity as well as time.

In addition, such a slow downloading process is not due to a slow internet connection. Players have already checked the speed of their internet which was pretty good at the time of downloading WW3.

Many of them have already tried some basic workarounds to get the issue resolved but nothing helped. Due to this issue, players are annoyed as they are not able to jump onto the game.

Thankfully, the World War 3 support team has recently acknowledged this issue.

As you can see, the support team is saying, they are working on the issue where players are not able to add or download World War 3 on Steam. So, hopefully, the issue will get resolved as quickly as possible.

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