What is Repulsor and How it Works in Halo Infinite

What is Repulsor and How it Works in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has plenty of powerful items and Repulsor is one of the essential ones. It is one of the mechanics in this game you should pay attention to. It is extremely impactful as it pushes away enemies and vehicles easily. If you want to escape from the intense situation, it is highly useful.

The Repulsor feature produces a shockwave that can easily send objects and enemies flying away and so it can work as both offensive and defensive equipment. In Halo Infinite, you can pick up Repulsor in many of the Halo Infinite multiplayer maps.

When you use it on your enemies, Repulsor doesn’t upset them but pushes away and so they can still fire on you from the air. But if your enemies are in a bad position, you can easily knock them down and it works the same on vehicles.

When you pick up Repulsor to use, you will get three charges and once you use it, you can use the next one after 4 seconds of cooldown time.

One of the best ways to use Repulsor in Halo Infinite is to combine it with grenades as you can deflect your grenades on your enemies with powerful full force using the Repulsor. This way, you can also make some nice trick shots.

Thus, Repulsor is one of the essential items in Halo Infinite to push them back if you time it correctly. Though initially, it might take some practice once you know its techniques, you will want to use it frequently.

That’s all for this guide on what is Repulsor and how it works in Halo Infinite.

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