We Were Here Forever Save and Config File Location

We Were Here Forever

We Were Here Forever is now available on PC and soon will be released on consoles. Although, the story of this series has been moderately light, We Were Here Forever finally bringing the Castle Rock history in the sharp focus. However, there are several bugs and errors players are facing at the moment. Thankfully, the developer team is working on a patch and they will release it soon.

While playing the game, you should know about the two most common technical items which are “Save” and “Configuration” files. However, many players have no idea where both of these files are located and so here, we have given the exact locations so you can locate them easily.

Here are the by default locations of We Were Here Forever “Save files” and “Config files”:

We Were Here Forever Save Files Location

> %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Total Mayhem Games\We Were Here Forever\Data\Saves

We Were Here Forever Config File Location

> C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\LocalLow\Total Mayhem Games\We Were Here Forever\Data\configs 

How to Find the AppData Folder on PC

If you are not able to find the AppData folder on your PC, don’t worry! Here is a quick step-by-step guide.

1. Open up any (New or Existing) folder on your computer

2. Next, click on the View Option which you will find on the top of the folder window

3. Here you will see a setting option called ‘Hidden items’

4. Just check the box

Now, return to C:\Users\Your username. Now you will be able to find the AppData folder.

That’s all. Hope this guide has helped you to find out the We Were Here Forever save and config file locations.

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