Warzone: Latest Anti-Cheat Strategy Gives Legit Players a Damage Shield

Warzone Latest Anti-Cheat Strategy Gives Legit Players a Damage Shield

Because of the surges in the hacking reports in Call of Duty: Warzone, the developers have found a creative and ingenious solution. The devs have integrated a Ricochet anti-cheat system in which the non-cheat players will become invisible to the cheating players to prevent damages.

If you have no idea about the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat system, it is a multi-faceted approach to fighting against cheating. It is the latest tool that monitors and identifies cheater players. It offers an enhanced investigating process to eradicate cheaters and provide solid account security.

Well, according to the latest CoD Ricochet anti-cheat update, the legit players will become completely invisible to the cheaters. According to the latest report published on 18th Feb., Activision has introduced a new “Damage Shield” feature that prevents cheater players from imposing damage to other players.

That means, when the gaming servers detect a cheater player is tinkering with the game in real-time, it will give legit players a damage shield this way, the cheater will not be able to tamper the game of real legit players which is an incredible and innovative solution from Ricochet.

However, it is now running in the testing phase and they will first monitor how effective this tool is. Activision says, presently, the Ricochet tool is now under testing and will be deployed globally very soon.

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