Warzone Bug Causes Developers to Disable Modern Warfare Mid-Game Loadout Edits

Warzone Bug Causes Developers to Disable Modern Warfare Mid-Game Loadout Edits

Players of Modern Warfare games cannot modify their loadouts in the middle of the game and so the feature has been inactivated in Warzone after several exploits and bugs have been detected.

The new updates in Warzone 4th Season offered battle royale fans the choice to modify the loadouts in the pre-game lobby. It was one of the sought-after features however Raven software is forcing players to eliminate it after fans may take their loadouts at the beginning of the game.

However, its solution left players irritated since they can’t modify their classes in multiplayer matches.

On 22nd July, several users on Reddit have commented that they are not able to modify their loadout while playing the matches in modern Warfare after these changes. It is definitely not any technical glitch as many of the players are experiencing a similar issue.

COD’s new joint evolution systems have allowed 2019’s MW to stay active and alive after the cycle of the content is ended.

Conversely, several fans have been annoyed that this game has now become a ‘COD advertisement’.

After gamers found an exploit that has offered them free Blueprints, camos, and weapons. Raven software was forced to inactive the ability to modify loadouts in game’s pre-game lobbies and in Plunder matches.

However, the camo switch bug was usual in Warzone games because of the Cold War weapon, it can be completed in MW’s multiplayer.

When the Raven Software considers how to prevent the bug, the ability to switch loadouts and then camos should have appeared back in MW’s multiplayer mode together with Plunder, Warzone, and the new Payloads gaming mode.

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