Valorant New Bug Causes Sparks Instead of Blood – Issue Acknowledged

Fix Valorant VAN 1067 Error

Valorant is a massively popular first-person shooter game by Riot Games. Since it is a live service game, many bugs and issues are expected such as process already running error or biased or unfair matchmaking issues.

In addition to these issues, many players are now complaining that they see a spark instead of blood and so players have no idea whether they hit the shot or not.

Many frustrated players have already tried several generic workarounds such as restarting the game and toggling on blood but nothing helped. Some other players have also reinstalled the game but still, they are facing the same issue.

Since many players are reporting on this issue on Reddit and Twitter, developers have quickly commented on this matter and they have acknowledged this issue when they see sparks instead of blood while shooting.

In addition, as you can see, they have added that the issue will be resolved in the upcoming patch. So, hopefully, they will find out the solution very soon and release a new patch so that players can enjoy the game without any issues.

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