Temporary Fix: Fortnite Character Outfit Glows Blue in Lobby – Bug Acknowledged by Epic Games

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Fortnite is a popular game, thanks to its bright and incredible graphics, approachable gameplay modes, and exceptional construction system. But still, several issues and bugs are common in Fortnite and its latest Chapter 3 also has several issues such as the game stuck on downloading Keychain error, Profile Query Failed error, and more.

Furthermore, now players are reporting a new issue that is related to the outfits of the characters due to a bug. As per reports, the bug occurs randomly at any time in the lobby while playing the game. Players say, when they wait to join any new match in the lobby, the outfit of the characters turns glowing blue. At first, it looks like a new skin but actually, it is a glitch.

The issue would start occurring when the players are in the lobby. That means, when the game starts, the skin of the character is displayed normally but when they are in the lobby to join a match, their outfits glow in blue.

Luckily, a team of Epic Games has acknowledged this issue on their official Trello board and said – “Sometimes player outfits will glow with a bright blue ‘hologram’ effect when in the lobby”.
And they have also shared a potential workaround to fix this issue. They have added – “Joining a match or changing the outfit in the locker may fix the issue”.

So, if you are also having this issue where your character’s outfit glows blue, then try to join a match or change the outfit in the locker and the issue should be resolved temporarily.

Well, the technical team is already working to fix this issue and so it should be resolved in the next patch.

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