Temporary Fix: Dying Light 2 Lockpick Issue – Players are Unable to Force Open Locks

Temporary Fix Dying Light 2 Lockpick Issue – Players are Unable to Force Open Locks

Dying Light 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. Unfortunately, many players are facing several issues since the launch. They are complaining about errors and bugs that include leaving the mission area bug or no dialogue audio bug. In the new error, players are experiencing an issue with the lockpick. But, according to multiple reports, players are not able to force Open Locks in the game which is pretty annoying.

Dying Light 2 allows players to improve their certain characters’ abilities so that they can unlock some additional possibilities which will help them to survive several dangers. For example, players are able to upgrade their skills using lockpicks that allow them to force open certain locks which were inaccessible earlier.

This way, they can access new rooms or areas. But due to this bug, many players are not able to force open locks using their improved abilities. 

Are you facing the same issue and do you also want to get rid of Dying Light 2 Lockpick issue? Don’t worry. There is a simple and quick temporary workaround you can try to fix the bug.

A temporary fix: Simply drop off any of your valuables and then try again to force the lock. We know this is a weird solution but it helped many players.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, Techland has not acknowledged this issue. But since this problem is widespread, the developers will fix it in the upcoming update or patch. Meanwhile, you can try the aforementioned workaround and enjoy the game!

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