Temporary Fix Apex Legends DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG Message

Temporary Fix Apex Legends DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG Message

The developers of Apex Legends always make sure to provide the best quality product to their fans so they can enjoy the game without any errors and bugs but still, many players have been complaining about several technical problems with the game such as performance-related issues or audio related issues.

Many players around the world are running into a new issue in which they are receiving a “Dxgi Error Device Hung” error message. It seems this particular error message appears to those players who are using an NVIDIA graphics card. In this guide, we are going to discuss why does this error message occurs and how you can solve it temporarily.

First of all, it is important to note, you are receiving this error message because Apex Legend is not able to read the GPU and so there is not a problem with your computer. However, to bypass this error message, the only best and the temporary solution is to download the latest Game Ready Driver of NVIDIA.

Thankfully, NVIDIA and the developer of this game, Respawn Entertainment both are aware of this major issue and so the latest drivers should fix this problem.

Remember, this is the temporary fix and the same issue occurred earlier in other Apex Legends seasons. When the next season will come, you will have to download again the latest drivers. 

Well, if you are still receiving this error message even after downloading the latest NVIDIA drivers, then you should contact the EA support team and they will help you out further to fix the “DXGI Error Device Hung” error message in Apex Legends.

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