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While most of the puzzles in Stray Cat Crossing aren’t too hard to figure out, some (like me) still get stumped and look for a little help. Since I’ve finished the game and haven’t seen a guide put up yet, I’ve decided to make one myself.

My guide might not be the only way to complete Stray Cat Crossing, as I’m sure there are plenty of extra little things you can do to change the game. If anyone would like to inform me of them, that’d be great! Suggestions or things to fix are welcome as well. Otherwise, this is just a straightforward guide to help progress through the game.

Act I

Cat’s House

When you enter Cat’s House, follow the footprints to the right and down the stairs.

The Basement

After talking to the Baby Heads, go right. Here you will encounter a small character in the corner. Interact with them and allow them to take a picture to save.

Head downwards until you reach the room with the cribs. Read the book, head to the right and collect a test tube. Fill it with the red chemical.
(If you’d like to save time, take the other two test tubes and fill them with the blue and green chemicals).

Go back upstairs and to the left. Interact with the ice sculpture swan. Use your red potion on it and continue down. When you enter the room with the Nutcracker, pick up the film reel on and floor and use the projector. A short film will play where you will learn the name of the dog (). After, you will be offered an egg. Take it and head back upstairs to input the name.

Head back to the crib room. The book will have a new entry. Go towards the chemicals and some skeletons will appear. If you have not already, collect the green chemical. Walk over and interact with one of the skeletons, after which you will be given the option to drink the green potion. Do it, and interact with both skeletons to get your clue. Go and interact with the Ram Skull, then interact with the wall across from it. Step away and a passage will open, which you will enter.

Collect the peanut in the new room, then head over to the Nutcracker. Give him the peanut and he will give you a key. Go back to the crib room and use the key on the ram. Collect the ram’s favorite food, and give it to the Baby Heads.

Go to the crib room again. The book will have a new entry. Go to the chemicals and collect the blue chemical. Use the blue chemcial on the bird hanging above a crib. Go to the Nutcracker, and a passage is now open behind him. Interact with the piano, and hold the bird closer to it. The bird will learn a song. Go to the Baby Heads and let the bird sing.

Do not accept their invitation to stay. Follow the instructions in-game until you meet the hanging fetus (where you are forced to save). When Evil Baby Head appears, the best strategy for making it through the hall is to head down the left side, then down the right.

Act II

Cat’s House

Follow the footprints upwards and exit the house.

The Garden

Interact with the owl and say it’s Dinner Time. Head upwards until you reach the caterpillar. Head further upwards until you reach the owl again, and say it’s Tea Time. Head down and past the caterpillar to the right. Talk to the grub, then to the wolves and volunteer yourself. Head to the left, and to the topmost owl. Tell the owl it’s Bed Time, then go down and to the left until you reach the japanese-style building. Enter and talk to the Sphinx. Go back to the topmost owl and save, then enter the maze.

Originally posted by ClipOnSunglasses:

When in the maze, avoid the ghost woman and talk to the grubs. When you step on certain flowers, they teleport you to different parts of the map so it is best to avoid walking on them when possible.

Your goal is to find the boy with the skull head. Ask about the red larva and he will ask you for a password (). Input it and continue past him.

Go past the pond and read the sign by the red larva. Take and fill the small jar, then pour it into the large jar. Fill the small jar again and pour it into the large one once more, then put it back on its pillar. Empty the large jar and put it back. Take the small jar and pour it into the large jar, then fill it once more and pour it into the large jar. Put the small jar back and take the large jar to the birdbath by the red larva. Fill the bath. Tell the larva you are its friend, then put the jar back. Head back into the maze and find the exit.

Go back to the Sphinx and give her the larva. Go to the uppermost owl and say it’s Tea Time, then go to the wolves. Read the magic scroll. Save, then go to the center and interact with the coccoon. Take the key and continue downwards. Choose either option at the door, then enter the house.


Cat’s House

Follow the footprints right and up the stairs. Continue to follow them left and up the stairs.

The Attic

Open the first coffin to the right and take the penny. Open the second coffin on the left and take the crystal swan. Open the fourth coffin on the right and take the rose. Continue upwards. Talk to the Nutcracker and give him the rose. Go to Baby Head and give him the crystal swan. Talk to a doormouse and enter the theater. Choose to listen to the story, then say yes. During the intermission, go to the part of the ticket booth opposite the Nutcracker. Interact with it and use the key, then enter. Continue upwards and use the grandfather clock.

Collect the penny, swan, and rose again. Give the swan to Baby Head and the rose to the Nutcracker. Enter the theater again and choose to hear the story, and say no this time. Go back to the grandfather clock during intermission.

Collect the rose and penny again. Give the rose to the Nutcracker. Enter the theater and choose not to hear the story. Accept Benjamins gift. During intermission, buy popcorn from the monkey. Go back to the stage and walk through the rays of light. Continue to the cast room and talk to the member in front of the mirrors. Tell her she is beautiful, then interact with her again and give her popcorn. Go back to the theater and say you are not excited to have little brothers. Interact with the door. After the show, go to the grandfather clock.

Collect the rose again. Give the rose to the Nutcracker. Enter the theater and choose not to hear the story. Do not accept Benjamins gift. During intermission, go to the cast room and continue down. Give the upset man the woodblock. Go back upstairs and give the Sphinxs son the toy solider. Talk to the Sphinx. Continue to the theater. Say you are not excited to have little brothers. Interact with the door. After the show, go to the grandfather clock.

Collect the rose again. Give it to the Nutcracker and enter the theater. For the first act of the play, choose any options. During intermission, go to the cast room and talk to the actor on the far left. Give him the script. Go back to the theater and choose any option during the play. After the show, go to the grandfather clock and put the gear in it. Continue downwards and interact with a Cat. Green Text earlier in the game will make this part easier if you can recall the lines. You must interact with a different Cat after each bit of dialouge, until you complete the dialouge chain correctly (which is shown below).

Continue downwards to the door. Exit the theater, exit the attic, and continue to the main floor of the house. Exit through the main door.

Watch the credits roll, cause you’ve finished the game!

Guide by hal

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