Stray: 100% Achievement Guide


This is a comprehensive guide detailing a way of getting for all achievements in the game. If you have never played this game or are just hunting for achievements, this guide will show you how to get them all.

The search function of a browser may be used to find a specific achievement faster (Ctrl+F).
I wish you success in getting all the in-game achievements.

Achievement info

● Difficulty level of achievements: Easy.
● Total achievements: 24 (100%)
● Offline achievements: 24 (100%)
● Online Achievements: 0
● Estimated time to complete all achievements: 10 hours.
● Minimum number of passes for 100%: 1-2
● Glitchy achievements: None.
● Missable Achievements: None.
● Achievements with difficulty levels: None.
● Required DLCs for 100% achievements: None.

Missed Jump

Story related achievement. You will get it as soon as you pass under the ajar metal door and find yourself in front of the grate right before the start of Chapter 2

Can’t Cat-ch Me

The first Zurk pursuit takes place in Chapter 2. After finding a dying robot you will be chased by little bugs with yellow glowing eyes — those are the “Zurks”. You must finish the chase without any of the bugs ever latching on to you. If any of them ever latches on to you, restart the checkpoint immediately to repeat.

The chase takes roughly 1 minute. If done correctly the achievement will unlock when jumping through the window at the end of the chase. The easiest tactic is to always run zig-zag. Keep tilting the left stick to the left and to the right at all times. Because you keep changing your direction while zig-zagging you’re much harder to hit. It’s one of the more tricky achievements in the game. Just keep restarting the checkpoint until you succeed. If you don’t want to deal with this on the first playthrough you can still do it via Chapter Select after the story.

Not Alone

Story related. You’ll meet your companion, B-12 in Chapter 3 — The Flat.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Story related achievement. Unlocks during the Chapter 4.


During the entire Chapter 8 you are not allowed to kill any Zurks (bugs with glowing eyes) using the purple Flashlight. Simply run past all of them, there’s no need to kill any of them.

It’s okay if they latch on to you and you shake them off with, even if they fall into the water it doesn’t count ask killing them. You just can’t use the flashlight to kill them.

You are also allowed to restart checkpoints if you killed a Zurk by accident. If you don’t want to deal with this on the first playthrough you can easily do it via Chapter Select or during your Speedrun. After having played the Chapter once it will be easier because you already know where to go.


You begin the Chapter 10 just below Midtown, in what used to be a subway system. Walk through this short section — a cutscene will play when you reach the train. Go to the other side of the platform and up the stairs. Continue through to the street ahead and take a right to see the neon-lit shopping district of Midtown.


In Chapter 10, after bringing the Worker Jacket & Worker Helmet to the robot called Blazer (mandatory story part, unmissable), you will be carried in a box to a factory. This is where the section for the achievement starts. There will be flying drones with blue searchlights on them. From now on you are not allowed to be spotted by any drone. If their searchlight turns yellow or red restart the checkpoint immediately.

Checkpoint restart is allowed and doesn’t void the achievement so make use of it as often as needed. You’ll have to finish the factory, then return to Clementine’s Apartment (Sentinel Drones will spawn there too) and then leave the Apartment Complex, the achievement will unlock at that point, before entering the Nightclub.


Jail is the 11th chapter in Stray, taking place after you beat Midtown.

Eye Opener

Story related. Unlocks during the 12th and last chapter in Stray — Control Room.

I am Speed

The game itself is quite short. If you do not search for collectibles, then on Sunday its passage may take about 1.5 hours.


Press Space button to jump, but keep in mind that a your kitty-cat cannot jump in place.
To jump, you need to be close to some kind of ledge or place.

Productive Day

Sleeping in Stray isn’t a necessary mechanic for regenerating health. You can’t just sleep anywhere, however, as you have to instead press button when you are near some kind of bedding.

The easiest place to sleep is in the Slums, as there are so many sleeping spots dotted around. There is one right next to Morusque, who will play music while you sleep next to him if you give him music sheets. You can also sleep next to the squabbling robots, next to the slumbering robot on the rooftops, and even inside some of the buildings.

Simply stay put for a cumulative hour and the Productive Day achievement will pop.

Boom Chat Kalaka

Can be obtained in Chapter 4. After talking to the first humanoid robot, who is called “Guardian”, you can find a basketball to his right. Push it off the ledge to make it roll into a bucket below. If it doesn’t land in the bucket you can restart the checkpoint to retry.

No More Lives

Surprisingly, it’s not very easy to die in the game – you can’t jump into an abyss or even get hit by a fan blade. However, if we allow the opponents to crush you with numbers in the Сhapter II, then we will just make our character die.

The player is not punished for the death of the cat in any way, except for loading from the last point, so if you die more than it is required for the achievement, it’s on your conscience.


At the end of Chapter 10 you will enter a nightclub. On one of the tables by the bar is a record, pick it up. Place it on the turntable at the main stage and press button to scratch it.


Can be obtained in Chapter 9. After the first cutscene when you reach the village, go up the ladder on the left and there will be 2 robots sitting at a table on the left, playing Mahjong. Simply jump on the table to pop the trophy.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Chapter 4 achievement too. After talking to the first humanoid robot, who is called “Guardian”, head down the stairs to the left of him. There you find a paper bag on the floor, leaning against wooden boxes behind a red cat sign. Press button to interact with it, this will put the paper bag on your head and unlocks the trophy. The humanoid robot called Morusque is also sitting here (when facing him the bag is to his right).

Télé à chat

Chapter 4 achievement. As part of the main storyline you will have to climb to the rooftops and talk to Momo (robot with straw hat and green flamingo shirt). On the rooftops below Momo’s apartment is a couch and TV. Jump on the couch and press button on the remote to switch through the channels. Do this until the achievement unlocks, it has 8 channels total.

Cat’s best friend

In total, there are 10 collectible Nuzzle robot characters in the game.


In total, there are 8 collectible music sheets in the game and all of them can be found in Chapter IV.


In total, there are 6 collectible badges in the game.


In total, there are 12 collectible Scratch places in the game in which the cat can sharpen its claws, one for each Chapter of the game.

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