Sea of Thieves: Tracking Not Working, Seasonal Progress Stuck, Players Unable to Receive Rewards – Devs Acknowledge

Sea of Thieves – Strawberrybeard Error Message Explained 2022

Sea of Thieves is one of the most popular games developed by Rare. As of December 2021, Microsoft has sold over 5 million copies on Steam.

So, undoubtedly the game has a massive player base and so some errors and glitches are bound to happen. In the last few weeks, players have started reporting several issues with the game. Here we have mentioned the most common issues with Sea of Thieves.

1. One of the major issues players are reporting is tracking not working. Players are saying, they have already completed several missions but that doesn’t update on the tracking system.

2. Many players are complaining, their progression system is not working properly and gets stuck.

3. Another major issue players are facing is they are not receiving the credits or rewards which they should receive after completing some quests. Besides, some players are not even getting gold after selling their loots.

According to some reports, all of these issues have started occurring in the last few weeks and earlier the game was running smoothly without any issues. Well, some players have suggested using a VPN service as it could help to eliminate all of such issues temporarily.

Thankfully, the developer team has recently released a statement on the issue and said, they are currently looking into the issue. So, hopefully, we will have a hotfix fixing all of these issues in the upcoming patch.

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