Saints Row Crashing on Unto the Breach Mission on PS5 – Issue Acknowledged and Potential Workarounds

Saints Row

Saints Row is one of the popular action-adventure online games. It is the reboot of the Saints Row series. But, unfortunately, it seems the game has several bugs, issues, and errors including CE-107880-4 error or unable to start the game, and many others. 

However, the devs confirmed on August 27, 2022, that they have released Hotfix#1 but still there are a few issues that are unresolved.

Well, lately many players are not able to progress in the game as they are experiencing crashing issues, particularly on the Unto the beach mission. According to multiple reports, this issue occurs mostly on PlayStation 5 consoles.

Thankfully, some players have tried some workarounds that worked for them, so even you can give it a try.

Temporary Workarounds:

1. One of the gamers has suggested shooting the first guy glitching into the wall when you’re going for the enemies inside the castle. Once he starts running towards you, then you can kill him and the other guys successfully. With this method, your game won’t crash.

2. Another player suggested using the hoverbike to mow everyone down as quickly as possible. When the phase starts that involves clearing out infiltrators, make sure to deal with any extra enemies that spawn outside the castle, then proceed to deal with the enemies inside.

Fortunately, the devs have acknowledged this issue officially and so hopefully, this issue will get resolved soon.

Meanwhile, you can try the above-given temporary workarounds to get past the Unto the Breach Mission on your PS5 console.

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