Rainbow Six Siege Stuck or Freeze on Camera Bug – Issue Acknowledged

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Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular and the most iconic tactical shooter games ever created by Tom Clancy. But unfortunately, many players have been facing errors and bugs consistently. 

However, issues like unnecessary smoke nerf or objects disappear due to FoV bug is troubling many players around the world. In addition to such issues, many players are now complaining that they are getting stuck on the camera.

According to multiple reports, when players attempt to access the camera to check from where the attack is coming, they get stuck and are not able to do anything or move their characters.

This issue is quite frustrating as your characters would be a soft target to your enemies which is quite frustrating. 

Thankfully, the Ubisoft Support team has commented on the issue where players are getting stuck while accessing the camera. However, they have not shared the ETA of when the issue will get resolved.

As you can see, they have acknowledged this issue officially on their Twitter page, they will find out the solution as quickly as possible.

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