Rainbow Six Siege: Players Not Able to Invite Friends – Ubisoft Acknowledges

Fix in the Works for Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Issue

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is undoubtedly an intense and new approach to the FPS experience. This game is so popular that has crossed 200,000 concurrent players last year in March. 

Similarly, to most online games, some issues and bugs are expected even in Rainbow Six Siege. From day one, many players are complaining about some issues with the game such as lifetime and operator stats not showing up or not updating on R6Tracker.

But recently, many players are experiencing an issue where they are not able to invite friends to their new matches. Players are complaining, that because of the glitch, they are not able to invite their friends to start matches. 

Thankfully, Ubisoft has acknowledged this issue and said, they are investigating the problem.

However, they have not revealed an ETA of when the issue will get resolved. Many players have also tried some generic workarounds but nothing helps since this is a server-related issue. So, if you are facing this issue, you can’t do anything except wait for a new patch from the developers.

That’s all we have an update on players not able to invite friends in Rainbow Six Siege.

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