Rainbow Six Siege: Players are Being Kicked Out Due to “Inactivity”

Rainbow Six Siege Players are Being Kicked Out Due to “Inactivity”

Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the massively successful titles. Millions of players have been playing this intense FPS game since 2015. But, in the last few weeks, this game has brought several errors and glitches including game crashing and freezing.

Recently, many players around the world are experiencing a weird bug in which players are being kicked out due to “Inactivity”. It seems this error occurs as the game servers are not functioning properly. There are countless reports on Reddit and other forums where players are complaining, they are being fired suddenly from the game when they are inactive.

That’s not enough, many players are also reporting, they are kicked out because of the “Inactivity” error while they were actually playing matches. Besides, they are losing ELO and getting banned.

When they are kicked out and attempt to get into the game again, they receive a ban.

It is important to note, this issue is not new. The same thing happened weeks ago but it seems, the same issue is back again and affecting many players.

Unfortunately, the developer team has not yet acknowledged this issue, and so players have no option except to wait for the next update or patch from Ubisoft.

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