Rainbow Six Siege Lifetime and Operator Stats Not Showing Up or Not Updating on R6Tracker – Issue Acknowledges

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is released on Steam now and it seems an incredible game with some minor glitches and issues like audio cuts and crashes on Xbox. And now many players report an issue with Lifetime and Operator Stats. As per several reports, Rainbow Six Siege Lifetime and Operator stats are not updating or showing on R6Tracker. And because of this issue, players are not able to track their stats which is quite frustrating and the worst part is, this is not an old issue. Players have been facing the same problem for the last 6 months but still, the developers have not yet fixed this issue.

R6Tracker team is aware of this issue and released a statement officially on the Twitter page.

As you can read, they said, they will freeze up your lifetime operator stats at the end of the season and count the stats from there to calculate the seasonal op stats. And they are working on it.

The product manager of R6Tracker has also confirmed, they are aware of this issue since last 30th November 2021.


Currently, they’re working on the issue and will solve it as early as possible. However, the ETA is not yet given but hopefully, we will have its solution in the upcoming patch.

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