Raft: Best Guide for All GRIND Achievements



50 sharks

are easy to kill, you will get them eventually.
Or you can use my exploit to kill them quickly.

50 seagulls

are also easy to kill. You can kill them easily by using birds nests.
Or you can use my exploit to kill them quickly.

50 poison puffers

can be farmed around Caravan island.
Or you can use my exploit to kill them quickly.

50 screechers

are hard to kill. It will take you quite some time. But if you use my exploit, you can do this in less than half an hour.

50 warthogs

are also hard to kill. Can be found on same island as screechers.
Use my exploit so you don’t waste any time.

50 lurkers

can be farmed on Vasagatan ship or on Tangaroa.
Due to the Lurker’s low health, it can be killed in 6 with a Wooden Spear, 3 hits with a Metal Spear or as low as 2 hits with a Metal Arrows.
I actually didn’t need my exploit to kill 50 of them. I farmed then on ship but the exploit works as well.

50 bears

are hard to kill. So please, help yourself and use my exploit. 🙂

20 Butler bots

even though its not an animal, Butler bot is type of enemy you have to kill x times to get achievements.
You can only find them on Tangaroa island. They are easy to kill, and you can found 20 of them pretty easy, just by going around island.

25 bees

Bees can be found on island with bears, or some type of caravan island.
You can also use my exploit to get this achievement really quick.

Animals exploit

For grinding kills on any animal or robot.
You can do this to speed it up.

  1. Deal exact hits for enemies death -1.
  2. Before getting last hit, save the game.
  3. Get the last hit.
  4. Exit to the main menu WITHOUT saving.
  5. Load back in and you find yourself infront of enemy with exactly one hit before its death.
  6. Repeat this until you get achievement.

For the beehive grind.

  1. Save before catching bees.
  2. Catch bees.
  3. Exit to the main menu WITHOUT saving.
  4. Load back in and you find yourself infront of uncatched bees.
  5. Repeat this until you get achievement.

Hooking an item

5000 items

will take you really long time to get. But fortunately, I found a way to get this really quick.

  1. Get a plastic hook.
  2. Get full inventory of items (best are leaves I guess).
  3. Stop your raft.
  4. Go to the edge of your raft.
  5. Start dropping leaves by ONE AT THE TIME (by holding m2/right mouse button).
  6. After you drop lot of them, start catching it by hook.
  7. Repeat this until you get achievement.

There also one upgrade to get this even better.
If you get yourself full inventory after dropping bunch of leaves in water. You will pick the items with hook and also dropping them back. So it saves lot of time by not having to drop the items manually.


50 treasure

can be also exploited by the same method mentioned earlier.

  1. Find a treasure by metal collector.
  2. After you find it, DO NOT DIG IT, just save.
  3. After you save, dig it.
  4. Exit to the main menu WITHOUT SAVING.
  5. Load back in.
  6. Repeat this until you get the achievement.

BEWARE: every time, you exit and load back in, items in the dig will change. But dig type will never change and stay the same. So if you get briefcase, or safe. You can exit and load back in until you get paintings.
This is the best way to get all of the paintings.

There are 4 dig types in total.

To get those two achievements really easy.

You just have to found yourself someone you can join to and place them by yourself. Or get a save file with all the paintings and tiki pieces.


Best way to grind this. Is making your own zipline on your raft.
I made this. 🙂

And got the achievement after few slides.

Catching animals

Just do the same thing with killing, catching bees or finding treasures.
Ok.. I will write it one more time..

  1. Find an animal.
  2. Save before catching it.
  3. After catching it, exit to the main menu WITHOUT saving.
  4. Load back in and catch it again.
  5. Repeat until achievement pop

Survived days

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any exploits for this achievement. This is my last remaining achievement.
Only thing you can do, is find yourself someone and join him or acquiring a save file.

Guide by VÝMĚSÍČÍ 

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