Raft – All Vending Machine Token Locations in UTOPIA


Spoiler alert!

If you don´t want spoilers for Utopia, do not read this guide.

I did go back to Utopia to make this guide.
When you visit the island for the first time some things will look different.
And you cannot collect the tokens in the order I wrote them down here, because I do part of the path backwards.

You have to finish the story first to open up all areas, but for me this is the easiest way to collect all the tokens without stacking too many boxes.

Dettos Raft

– inside the house on a box next to the water tank (1)

– also inside on the writing desk to the right side of the blueprint (2)

– under the house on a box with the other loot(3)

– also under the house to the right side of the loot on another box (4)

– still on the raft near the square water tank (quest) on a crate (5)


Pass the Large Generator

– then turn to the small dock on the right side, token at the end on a post (6)

– the 1st courtyard on the post next to the dark wooden floor planks (7)

– in the middle of the courtyard, on a green box to the right of the sign with the green cross (8)

– first power pole from the generator on the roof (9)

Past the port crane to the second port facility

– on the roof of the small crane at the end of the harbor (10)

– on the way back: in the middle of the catwalk of the big harbor crane (11)

– then the house to the right side of the crane – on top of the roof on a crate (12)

(You might need boxes to get up there)

Around the Marketplace downstairs

Go past this entrance of the market

– to the right side of the entrance in the corner of the pier on a blue crate (13)

– and directly to the left of that on the floor (14)

continue towards prison

– turn left – on the railing of the stand there (15)

Then past the prison and straight towards the skyscraper, climb over the crates and go inside
– on the bench in front of the elevator – 12th floor (16)

Where the Boss Fights were…

Then take that elevator up to the 36th floor

On the balcony:
– 3 Tokens on the table next to the blueprint (17,18,19)

– in the flower pot in the left corner of the balcony (20)

No tokens in the conference room.
Take the other elevator down to the Alpha Hyena Battle Room – no tokens there either –
then go through the glass passage

– first flower pot on the right (21)

– last flower pot on the left (22)

On the upper level of the room with the hyena pack downstairs
– 2 tokens on a cage on the left side (23,24)

I found no tokens down by the hyenas.

On the Market

Then leave that building and go through this building

to the balcony and jump down to the Marketplace.

– on the ground next to the small potato stand (25)
– and one on the small potato stand (26)

– on the small empty stand with the blue cloth (27)

– 2 tokens left to the basket on the fish stand (28,29)

Jump down again from the marketplace to the floor beneath:

If you would go left you get to elevator (leading to the windmill-parkour) but no tokens there, so

– go directly to the room on the right side: on a box on the right side of the room (30)

– leave that room, keep walking and keep left: on a big box with blue cover (31)

In the Cogwheelpuzzlerooms

Then go to the
22nd floor Hallway with the elevator
– flower pot in the middle (32)

Take the elevator down to the 12th floor
got through the First Cogwheelpuzzleroom – no tokens there, but

– token on top of the first drawbridge control (33)

Second Cogwhellpuzzleroom
– climp the ladder on the right side all the way up – token to the left on a crate (34)


English is not my native language and prepositions are hard.

I hope this guide is understandable and can offer some help to find the tokens.

Have fun spending those token for nice decorations from the vending machines.

Guide by Ardrana

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